Sacro-Iliac Joint (SIJ) Diagnosis and Treatment

SIJ pain is experienced low in the back at the level of the buttock. It can radiate down into the leg but shouldn’t go up above the waist. SIJ pain as diagnosed by targeted block, is far less common as the majot source of spinal pain and in my practice I tend to see it in younger spines after trauma (RTA, falls from horses etc) or on older patients, as part of a more generalized wear and tear problem involving the facets as well. So, often the patient will go through the schedule for facet treatment but still have this low pain, particularly on walking and weight bearing which is then addressed separately.

SIJ Injection and RF Treatment:

SIJ pain can be diagnosed by response to an injection of local anesthetic into the joint (intra-articular) block, or by blocking the nerves which run to the joint in a fashion analogous to the facet described above. However, the innervation of the joint is more complex and both diagnostic and treatment principles are less clearly evolved or researched. For this reason I do often try to get away with simple SIJ injections, but where necessary, the SIJ can be denervated like the facet using a recently developed instrument which I am able to use in my practice art Kings Hill (SImplicity SIJ denervation, Neurotherm)