Back Pain Data Presented at WCMISST.  Paris. May 2017

On 4th May, I had the pleasure of presenting 2 papers at the important WCMISST conference on minimally invasive and endoscopic spine surgery.  The first was to present the results of my recently completed audit of 81 sequential cases of back pain treated by the new DISC-FX system.  These are unselected cases treated by me in daily practice in Kent and London and are the largest series (and indeed only) published data from the UK.

In summary the average age of patients was 44.7years (range 17-78). Average duration of pain pre treatment was 54.7 months (max 45yrs). Patients had been in continuous daily pain for  25.4months and had failed prior drug and physiotherapy (and frequently other specialist) management.  31 cases were back pain only, 31 back and leg, 8 sciatica, 9 complex.  Up to 4 disc levels were treated at the same sitting.

Overall, 76% of patients responded on a global  improvement scale. 60% of patients recorded more than 50% overall benefit (average 80.1%) and 52% showed very high levels of response at over 75% improvement (average 89.2%).

Patients Categorical responses:  much better 41.1%, better 31.5%, same 23.3% and worse  in 4.1%.

Pain scores pre and post treatment on a 100mm scale were :

Average  daily Back Pain:    fell from  52.5 to 21.4  (59.2%)

Worst daily Back Pain:        fell from  72.5 to 31.4 (56,7%)

Ave daily Leg Pain:             fell from   37.9 to 13.6 (64.1%)

Worst daily Leg Pain:          fell from   38.6 to 17.3 (55.2%)

Oswesty Disability index:    fell from . 40.6 to 27.1 (33.3%)

Are of body pain:              fell from .  12.5  to 4.4  (64.3%)

All results are statistically significant at <0.0001 (Wilcoxon matched pairs)

I am indebted to my patients for filling in my boring pain scores which allow me to record and report these results.